How to choose your cat

A question difficult for many, a tough choice for others. How to choose a cat? This is a definitively existential question.


The Click

One day, we wake up, with spiky hair, eyes misted, and we realize. Today is The Day: “I’m adopting a cat.”
After months of thinking, it is now, we must answer the questions that have remained unanswered until now: Male or female? Short hair or long hairs? Red, white, tabby, gray or black? And many others.
It can be overwhelming, so let’s go together!
The physical criteria of your future cat may seem important, yet other more important parameters are to be taken in count.


Your environment

The environment in which you plan to host your cat is essential. Whether you live in a palace in the countryside or in a small shared apartment in the center of the city, you must take this element in consideration.
Indeed, for your future cat to be as happy as you when it arrives in its new home, you must ask yourself: does his character correspond to my space? At my lifestyle? To my habits? To my travels? etc.

All this to minimize the risk that you give up your cat in a few months, because it does not fit you well enough.



Another important element will be your family situation. The cat will become a full member of your family and the agreement with each of its members is crucial. Again, the character of the cat must be considered to determine if it will adapt well to your family and its members. Babies? Children? Teenagers? Young adults? Retired person?
In addition, if you already have other animals at home, make sure that the cohabitation is going well. Avoid the risk that your future cat will eat your magnificent fish or that it will be attacked by snakes, parrots, dogs and others.


Kitten or senior cat?

Most future adopters naturally turn to kittens. The many videos on social media soften our hearts. What's cuter than a little kitten after all? Unfortunately, other older cats have not all been lucky enough to be adopted when they were small, and are still in shelters at 6, 10 and even 27 years old!
Senior cats in shelters are unknown to future adopters, yet they are very well-known by the shelter’s volunteers.
While working several times a week with these cats, volunteers get to know the character and habits of each one. They are therefore able to advise you according to your realities and your desires so that you and your future cat live the perfect love!
Remember that by adopting a senior cat, you adopt their past, their story. They are already waiting for you, purring with love!



Anaïs Laspougeas