Old age and responsibility

Who among you haven’t read The Little Prince of St-Exupery ?

Personally, I read it when I was 12 years old. All of us know the famous quote, “You only see with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes…”For me, the most striking part is when the fox explains to the little prince that we are always responsible for what we wet used to…


I didn’t have many cats in my life because I kept them until their last breath … My first cat, Mousse, accompanied me throughout my studies. He saw me falling in love, heartbroken and he comforted me every time I need to be comforted.

He was my anchor in my early adult life. I had to say goodbye when he was 17 years
old, it was the only time he broke my heart…
It is very satisfying and rewarding to see our four-legged companions grow old with us. Of course, their steps get shorter, jumping on their favourite chair can become almost an Olympic exploit! But what they lose in agility, they gain in tenderness and love for us.


After Moss, Barry and Blacky came into my life. Blacky died in 2015 from cancer. Barry is still with me, he is happily approaching 17 years old. He has some osteoarthritis in his back legs and his eyesight is not so good anymore. He has hypertension and kidney failure.

Playing for him now comes down to trying to catch the toy with his front paws. As he grows older, he becomes even more affectionate.


I wouldn’t trade his golden years for anything, even though I know that he will break my heart when he gives me his last goodbye.
Old age is not a disease, it is the natural evolution of life. Just like us, they are not immune to the illness related to old age, hence the importance of creating a small monetary reserve for the day when our four-legged companion will need care. Adopting an animal means becoming responsible for him forever…