Our team of volunteers

Amazing Race-Cue is composed of a great team of creative volunteers who are passionate about animals, especially senior cats. A team that poured their hearts into this project and the animal shelter.

The team wishes to thank all those who have been able to put time, energy and especially their heart into this exciting project. Find below the members of the team:

Jacinthe Parenteau

Director | Animator | Scriptwriter

We first met Jacinthe on television, in District 31, where she plays the role of Mélissa Beauchamp’s. She plays the role of Valérie Grenier in the fifth season of « Toute la Vérité V » and she is starring as Stéphanie in the comedy series « J’AIME PAS » (nominated for the Prix Gémeaux).

In the cinema, we discovered her in the movie Le Duc, which she wrote and co-directed, recognized in different movie festivals since 2016. She also participated in Jean-François Boisvenu’s film « Toujours encore », where she plays the key role of Geneviève Simard; and in The Adventures of Guillaume Lambert, where she plays Michelle.

Jacinthe participates in different writing projects, including television, cinema and literary. Her book « Pourquoi cours-tu comme ça » (Ed Stanké) is in bookstores. Her production company Arrive en Ville – Film has been standing out for a few years now. That’s why she considers that involving her team of professionals with her is the right thing to do, in order to create Amazing Race-Cue. The company and the team behind have all produced this project voluntarily.

Before attending theatre school, Jacinthe studied in Ottawa, Denmark and France.

Antoine Pekoe

Animator | Scriptwriter

Although his name reminds us of an orange tea from the best plantations in Sri Lanka, Antoine Pekoe has never set foot in Asia.

A professional comedian, Antoine co-animated the Kwad9 youth web series and the popular capsules for « Vulagarisateurs de Potins pour le portail Sympatico ». We had also seen him as a host for the show « Code F à VRAK ».

Web writer and social media manager, Antoine have worked for various TV shows such as The Voice, Star Academy, Occupation double and Accès Illimité.

Since fall 2016, he has been animating at CIBL 101,5 Montreal and has been a journalist for iHeartRadio Canada.

Régis Coussot

Photo director | Editor

Native of France, he completes university studies in communication and journalism. A globetrotter, he travels to nearly 55 countries before settling in Canada in 2005. He published articles and photographs for various newspapers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal before making his first films. He learned from the very best and the National Institute of the image. His films are rewarded in several festivals. He is responsible for the photo direction and editing of Amazing Race-Cue.

Arrive en Ville – Film


AEVfilm is a production company that specializes in brand imaging in areas such as architecture, design and enhancing local developers. Its power is human. It also produces fiction and documentary projects that go all around the world. Their cause : protecting Quebec’s animals.

Adel Mohamed

Project coordinator

Anaïs Laspougeas

Assistant coordinator

Nathan Bernard

Web developer

Valérie Pelletier


Laurence Grondin

Cat Behaviorist

Katerine Lefrançois


Olivier Simard

Communication | Social Media

Marie-Claude Hébert

Content strategy

Laura Perez

Social Media Strategy

Tania-Cloe Guenette

Social media | Sponsor

Mathieu Veillette


Thomas Houguet

Cameraman | Editor | Sound Taker

Stephane Roux

Swing - Electro

Jordan Chevallier

Editor | VFX

Kasdalli Med Anoir


Maxime Roux

Special effect

Francis Rhéaume


François-Olivier Paquin


Marlène Poulain


Francis Renaud-Legault

Sound mixing

Louise Lacourse


Marie-Claude Dupont


Etienne Gervais


Marie Drouin


Lise Côté


Alexandre Petit


Marjorie Armstrong


Charles Beaulieu Gagnon


Francine Desgagné


Serge Nogueira


Pascale Gingras


Alice Mielcarek




Ginette Pagé


We would like to thank as well many other people who helped us everyday at the shelter !