Why adopt a cat from the Animal Rescue Network?

Why adopt a cat from the Animal Rescue Network?


1. Save 2 lives!

By adopting a cat from the shelter, you free a place for another cat in need. There are a lot of cats in need here at Montreal! So, it’s not just one cat that you save, but two!


2. The cost.

Getting a cat in a pet store is far more expensive than in a shelter. For example, a kitten sold for $ 125 in a shop becomes easily $ 350 when vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized by your own means. The costs of an adoption at the shelter are $ 180 and include vaccines, deworming, anti-parasite treatments and sterilization. In addition, every dollar raised in adoption fees by a shelter is fully reinvested in animal welfare instead of turning into profit for a private company that contributes to cat overpopulation and abandonment by promoting impulse buying of unsterilized cats.


3. You know exactly what kind of cat you’re bringing home.

Shelter cats have all been evaluated by volunteers who take care of them. In this way, they are able to adequately inform you about the cats’ personalities and their special needs, and to make sure that the cat you want fits well with your lifestyle and expectations.


4. Follow-ups and support at no cost.

When a cat is adopted from the Animal Rescue Network, his new family benefits from advice and support so that the adjusting period of the cat to his new environment happens in the best possible conditions. If necessary, the services of a professional behaviorist may be offered if the situation requires it.


5. It brings heart warmth and it’s a good action

When you visit the shelter, you will meet dozens of cats who are waiting patiently (and sometimes for a long time!) to be adopted. All are unique in their personality and their history. All are touching and endearing in their own way. All have a difficult life marked by abandonment, the hard life of wandering, illness or abuse and all deserve a new start in a loving home. Be part of the solution, adopt from the Animal Rescue Network.